Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The new website launch for South West Art Workshops

HSouth-West-Art-Workshops-Logo-Newi Everyone and welcome to South West Art Workshops!
South West Art Workshops was established in 2012 when artist Katherine Bryan-Merrett saw that there was a real need for a platform to help promote artists workshops, after 2 years of work and research…
We are delighted to announce the launch of the brand spanking new South West Art Workshops website, a platform designed to create easy access to art workshops across the region.
From Gloucestershire to Cornwall and everything in between, we have a vast array of skilled, professional art workshop providers that can teach, educate and further the skills of the participant in their chosen medium.  We work with all types of customers from Schools to corporate, individuals to groups and believe that this will revolutionize the way we engage with the arts.
For artists it offers a professional service that generates them business, coordinates and facilitates workshops on their behalf and provides all the administrative and customer service support they would need.
If you offer art workshops, art classes or art courses in the South West, then get in touch. www.swartworkshops.co.uk/become-a-supplier
For the customer it is a professional service that offers access to a wide range of quality art workshop providers and creative services via an easy-to-use online platform. South West Art Workshops coordinates and facilitates the workshops on the customer’s behalf, working with the customer to match their requirements to the most suitable workshop. We handle all the booking, organisation, communications and payment processing. We have fantastic customer services and are always happy to help!
The Arts has always been an enjoyable subject for education, as a hobby or for relaxation and now with South West Art Workshops it is also accessible!
  •  No more trawling through the internet to try and find an artist that might be suitable,
  •  No more endless phone calls
  •  No more uncomfortable discussions of costs
  •  No more waiting for a response
  •  No more missing out on opportunities
  •  No more confusion
It is all about making it easy for the customerMap of South West
  •  Easy to see what’s available
  •  Easy to book
  •  Easy to learn
  •  Easy to meet new people
  •  Easy to find exactly what you are looking for
  •  Easy to speak to someone to discuss your requirements
We already have over 200 workshop providers lined up, offering tuition on everything from painting, life drawing, and film making to graffiti, creative dance and drawing with yoga!
If South West Art Workshops don’t already offer what you are looking for, let us know by contacting us here, and we can make it happen.
If you have nothing planned this summer, why not check out our Events page and see what is going on around you. Do check back we are adding more all the time!
If you don’t already follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+, do so now and you’ll be the first to hear about upcoming events and featured workshops!
A little final, personal note to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the super artists that are supplying the workshops, we have got some truly brilliant ones! I hope that we can work together to make the South West an even more arty place!
Have a good look about the website and do get in touch if you have any questions, but for now….
All the very best and enjoy the new South West Art Workshops site! :)
 Katherine Bryan-Merrett 

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