Thursday, 12 November 2015

6 things artists do that other people find infuriating

6 things artists do that other people find infuriating

Working in the arts is an exciting and challenging environment where i feel both blessed and generally kept on my toes. Artists are an interesting breed that drive me crazy, but i love and would never give up.

I thought i would put together a little list of the things that i deal with everyday at work, at home and socially - with the artists i work with and being a bit of one myself...

6. Procrastination  

All artists are professional procrastinators, it's part of the job description. They have got to be ability to think things through from many different angles, but when you need a simple task doing.... this can be a frustrating trait!

5. Re-interpreting

The ability to expand upon and re-interpret things must NOT EVER be underestimated with an artist! clear guidelines are always advisable!

4. Get fascinated by the way the light fall on an object

As romantic a notion as it is that artists see beauty everywhere, it is also INCREDIBLY ANNOYING when trying to go on a walk and discuss something.... every time you look back at them for a response, they are staring at yet another "wonderful creation of light".

3. Going off on a tangent

Nothing is more infuriating than trying to keep a conversation on track, an artist manages to go off on so many tangents that within a very short about of time you feel like a tangled ball of wool and have totally forgotten what it was you had begun talking about!

2. Deadlines 

Deadlines are a very different thing for an artist, they tend to be viewed in 2 main ways: 
1- the devils doing and not to be adhered to in anyway shape or form otherwise you will eternally burn in hell. 
2- last minute response regardless of how long the time in between commencing and the deadline is, the deadline must be responded to with a sense of urgency in the final few minutes or not at all.

1. Loving what they do

probably one of the most infuriating traits of the artist is their total love and obsession with their work, for those not born with this "burning passion" inside them, it can make our lives appear dull in comparison. But still we have to love them, because without them, there would be no music, dancing, movies, photography or paintings and live would most certainly be dull!

by Katherine the professional frog herder!